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The Group is in possession of over 9000 acres of land and produces over 2.5 million kg of black tea annually. It sells its tea in bulk through auctions and also through its own marketing network in family size retail packets in pouches and tea-bags under its own brand Magnolia Tea.
Magnolia Tea: Magnolia is a blend of rich and robust tea which fulfills the desire for a refreshing brisk cup. It comes in different pouch sizes and in tea bas which are a source of exotic taste, flavor and aroma of selected teas from the Groupís own plantations. The top-quality CTC tea brings you a cup of healthy, purely natural drink that revitalizes your energy and keep you going!
Agricultural Crops: M. Ahmed Group produces various agricultural crops such as exotic, fragrant and glutinous rice, mustard, corn, potatoes, linseed and beans. It has its own jackfruit, lemon and bay-leaf plantations.

Rubber and Timber: The rubber plantation of the Group is located at Khan Tea Estate and Lallakhal Tea Estate which are expected to produce 100 metric tons annually. The Group has also undertaken planting of timber (Acacia Mangium and Acacia Maliniformis) in commercial scale.

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