We take pride in being a responsible organization which contributes positively to our community as well as protection of the environment.

M. Ahmed Group provides hygienic living conditions, subsidized electricity in all its estates, food rations, schools for children, and medical facilities that include not only basic medical care in the tea estates but also to take charge of doctor referrals for more intensive check-ups in government hospitals.

The Group is proud to have set up M. Ahmed Public School for the children of the less privileged where over 400 students are enrolled. The family Trust helps old people in undergoing cataract operations.

The Group is proud to have a rich history of supporting and donating to institutions in the Sylhet region. Prolific in his philanthropic contributions, Sunnat Choudhury had donated generously to a number of educational, social and religious institutions throughout greater Sylhet. Kazi Jalal Uddin High School was established in the city in the 1950s on land he had donated. He had also made significant contributions to Sylhet Government Mahila College, Madan Mohan College, Ambarkhana Girls School & College, Hajrat Shah Jalal Dargah Madrasah, and to Fulbari Aziria Madrasah, an institution established by the Choudhury family and thought to be one of the oldest madrasahs in the country.

Our top management is hands-on and is closely involved in the company’s activities from the grass-root level, ensuring that each task are diligently undertaken.