Product quality and customer satisfaction are our key priorities. Our Group’s commitment to quality is reflected in its endeavor in quality tea manufacturing from the bush to the cup. The flagship company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

The quality policies are as follows:

To determine the best possible selection of harvest and processing of tea.
Strive to provide services and products that meet customers’ expectations.
To constantly improve the quality of our services and products through an active partnership between our customers and employees.

Our company strives to maintain a quality control system that ensures that the best plucked leaves enter our factories. Each and every Invoice of our tea is tasted by our tea tasters in all our factories. A high level of attention ensures that all our tea is carefully monitored and, if needs be, immediate action can be taken to eliminate defects before the teas reach our customers. Quality assurances are carried out by our dedicated workforce across all points from packing, storage to delivery, to meet our promise of quality.